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People call me Kate.

Sometimes ‘Holks’. But never Katie.

I make plans for a living. I think strategy can be sexy and words can be lethal, and combining them makes you a force to be reckoned with.

I believe the quickest way forward is in the arms of a women squad. I also believe that red wine looking like blood isn’t a coincidence.

I love salt, but dislike olives. I love words, but dislike talking. I love uncomfortable truths, but dislike admitting my mistakes.

I don’t want to talk about your ideas. I want to help you do them.

I have worked with, or been featured on:

I’m the Founder and Director of House of Sage Agency, an Influencer Talent Management Agency that works with the next rising social media stars and speakers.

I teamed up with Monika Berry and created The Influencer to help you use influencer marketing as a platform to elevate your business or career. You should seriously consider it.

I am also a freelancer writer, previously having my own column in the nationwide Australian Natural Health Magazine and writing my own Amazon #1 best seller, Healthy Habits.


Help you use Influencer Marketing.

Through my work at House of Sage Agency, I not only manage my talent, I craft slick strategic plans and pull the strings to help brands use influencers right. There’s an art to it and I’ll help you make it a masterpiece.

Speak to your team or your event.

I’m well versed in the online world of social media, influencer marketing, copywriting and all round making-it-happen (with a slight tang of psychology). I also speak well and can somewhat pull off a joke or two. If you need a fresh perspective or someone to train your team in any of the above, holler.

Be your talent agent.

I’m on the hunt for the next rising social media star AND inspiring speakers. Only catch? A strong, loyal and engaged following is essential BUT you’ve also got to have a talent. Whether you’re a stylist, a makeup artist, a singer, an incredible painter – whatever. Talent is essential. Contact me if it sounds like you. Not quite you yet though? Then join the Influencer.