Instagram is hot, hot, hot. Branding is hot, hot, hot.

Together, they smoke.


Instagram is not just a tool to engage and interact with your followers (it is and should be, but that’s a post for another day) but it’s also a branding tool.

When I did Straight Up Social event with my dear friend, Zoe, she taught me A LOT about continuity and consistency in branding. And I can see exactly what she means whenever I come across brands absolutely killing it on Instagram.


If you’ve been following me on Instagram for a while, you would have seen that I have absolutely not been consistent. I own that – and I believe that’s why my following has stalled over the last 12-18 months. Now I have a very consistent feed which 100% focuses on my branding visuals and sharing snippets of my life. It is now starting to gain solid traction in terms of followers (though that’s not my focus at this point in time).



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  It does help to have a look at those Instagram accounts that are doing it right. I’ve curated 10 brands that are absolutely nailing it online. Now, I’ve tried to curate a varied group here. Not just foodies or fitness ones, but a wide range of industries and branding styles. Check them out:    

1. StyleRunner.



2. Sian Richardson.


I’ve been pretty out-of-the-zone for the last month or two… After going hardcore and working on my course, I was totally smashed + didn’t feel like ‘creating’ or working on my biz much, so I just went with it and did only the stuff that needed to be done. I’d been trying to force myself to get back in the zone, but it just wasn’t happenin so I gave up and decided this quick little jam-packed 10 day trip across the ditch would be just what I need, and I’d (hopefully) return stoked + ready to get back into it. And it worked! Hanging out with awesome people who just ‘get’ what you do is the BEST. Do what you gotta do to hang with your people. And never underestimate the power of a change of scenery. Back to the NZ tomorrow and ready to get back amongst it. ??

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3. Foster Huntington



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4. King of the Castle.



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5. Colour and Skulls.



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6. Joel Bennetts



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7. 1924us



Yesterday during our train stop at this rambunctious local Chicago bar. I tend to be fairly quiet in large groups, I like to watch and talk in small, full sentences. The kind and impassioned @estorie came up and shared a quick conversation before snapping this shot of me. We both sauntered our own directions after a firm handshake. Sticking to a schedule is a different form of travel for me, but it’s had its perks. It seems we get more done, we see more and the days feel fuller. We’re all on this trip together sharing stories and talking about difficulties, ambitions and seeing incredible things together. Today we are once again hosting a little get together with @passionpassport in ST. Paul, go to their page to see when and where it’ll be. I’d love to share a conversation and get to meet ya. Getting over my discomfort with crowds one step at a time! Here’s to a bit more whiskey, a few more tales told and work comin’ our way. #PassportExpress #work #travel #train #whiskey #portrait #me #design #self #christianwatson #1924us #ventureonward #journey #adventure #explore #stpaul #mn #mountain #bar #coffee #film #cameras #coat #yessir #style #menswear #scene #writing #tattoos   A photo posted by Christian Watson (@1924us) on


8. Cook Republic



9. Jasmine Dowling 



The pros of working for yourself.. You can only scare the post man with your face masks ?


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10. Yoli and Otis



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Do you have any favourites? Share them in the comments below 🙂