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One of my greatest pleasures of working with inspiring women, is being the first to see what amazing things are about to be birthed into the world. I have lots of conversations with aspiring business owners and being a little obsessed with trends and forecasts, I’m always keeping an eye out for the next big thing online. 


Now, for me, and I imagine people like yourself, the next ‘big’ thing doesn’t necessarily mean a multi-million dollar business. I dig those businesses and solopreneurs who just simply kick arse at their own definition of success. I went hunting for 10 examples of women doing just that to not only inspire you, but to show you just how diverse these successes can be.  Grab yourself a cuppa and let me introduce you to 10 inspiring women who are sure to make some big waves in 2016:


Sinem Ibrahim

If you’ve been following my work for the last few months, you would have seen Sinem’s name pop up. I have so much faith in Sinem’s work and can’t imagine not providing her services to my clients because if there’s anyone that can dumb-down the super complex world of digital marketing enough for someone like me, it’s Sinem. She’s teamed up with a wordsmith named Trevor, and together they’re Hustle and Heart Online. They provide digital marketing services for small businesses like yourself, which can include anything from Facebook ads, list building and email marketing campaigns. Since working with Sinem, I’ve added 400 people to my database within a month. Pretty impressive.  


Visit Sinem’s site here: hustleandheartonline.com


Belinda Weeks


Currently creating custom wedding stationery under Bella Stationery Studio, Belinda is about to release a spanking new special something something (it’s a secret!) for brides everywhere. It’s fair to say this is definitely one product to watch in 2016! Keep Belinda’s name in mind every time one of your girlfriends gets engaged – this is going to be THE present for newly-engaged ladies all over the globe.


Check Belinda’s work out here: bellastationerystudio.com.au

Regan Jade


Eco-warrior on a mission to eliminate single-use plastics by 2020, she’s about to release her new eco box collection, starting with the Ocean Love box. It’s full of the items you use every day – think coffee cups, bags, straws etc – but all non-plastic, earth friendly and good for you. I expect more will come as Regan grows too, and keep an eye out on her partnership with Take 3.


Check her out here: reganjade.com


Ellie Russell

A graphic designer living in a mining town, Ellie has spotted a gap in the country market. Rural businesses are stuck in the old ways of business, with poor customer service and limited knowledge of the new way of doing things. Ellie’s gearing up to provide a free online magazine just for these businesses and provide opportunities for creatives living in rural areas to connect. I expect to see a revolution of rural businesses with beautiful new branding roll out over the next 12-18 months.


Follow Ellie here.


Bec Irving

Diagnosed with MS at 23, Bec knows what it’s like to be hit with a serious disease at an age it’s considered to be rare. A remedial massage therapist and soon-to-be myotherapist, Bec is on a mission to provide support for other young women with autoimmune disease. She noticed that most support groups and services were targeted at older people with the disease and they just didn’t understand how to help someone so young. Bec is stepping up to the game as the ‘Autoimmune Sister’, by providing moral support, guidance and lifestyle advice for women just like herself. She also scored her dream gig, teaching myotherapy students at her college (all before she’s even graduated!) and she’s got a bubs on the way! Big things are coming Bec’s way, just you wait and see.


Visit Bec’s website here: pbhealthyliving.com.au



Louise Viveiros

It’s hard to stand out as a personal trainer, especially in the online world. But Louise, with her heart of gold and infectious enthusiasm for mums, she’ll stand out a mile. Sick of the excessive expectations the fitness industry places on mums, Louise is determined to help mums regain their strength – both physically and mentally. She’s noticed that it’s the second-, third- or fourth-time mums that are feeling a bit left out – so many personal trainers are targeting brand spanking new mums and from what I hear, that’s a whole different group. The ‘veteran’ mothers are ready to regain their ‘pre-mum’ identity and this is where Louise steps in. Her new and improved Strong Fit Mums is all about strengthening the body, embracing the now and reconnecting with their true self. It’ll be a fun, totally achievable program (there’s an offline group too if you live near Geelong) and I’m tipping the loved-up, supportive community is going to be where the golds at.


Check Lou’s work here 


Meg Torpey

The brainchild (is that a pun?) of Meg Torpey, BirthCo is the new service and Maternity register for all things birthing in the South West coast of Victoria. It’s a holistic service that offers local Maternity Practitioners and local business that support birthing women the opportunity to join the Birth Co register, which acts as a service guide to provide local families with a comprehensive range of Maternity Supports. The Birth Co provides Childbirth Education classes, Fertility, Ante Natal, Birth and Post Natal support as well as all the important stuff in between, like wholefood deliveries for new mums. Meg will also be launching an online program, Bump to Babe in 2016 helping new Mothers become educated with the whole pregnancy journey and birth process. It’s not your typical Mummy- Blogging website – it’s going to be pared right back with best practice, evidenced based resources and education to reduce the information overload and there is a huge emphasis on providing a realm of choices for mothers to empower and educate, ensuring best birth outcomes for local women. With Meg being trained as everything under the birthing sun (Maternity Consultant, Women’s Health Research Officer, Birth Attendant and soon to be Lactation Consultant, Midwife and Aboriginal Health Worker), she’s well equipped to provide the best service for Mums everywhere. 


Check out Meg’s work here: birthco.com.au


Nadia Felsch

The wellness industry has been taking a beating over the last few months. So seeing someone like Nadia with her no-fad, wholefood and supportive approach to nutrition, is a breath of fresh, nourished air. For starters, her brand is a visual delight (we can thank her husband Tippy Dray for those jaw-dropping photos!). Her new program, Path to Wholefoods, is one to watch. She reached 84% of her target within a week of opening the doors to her program and I have no doubt this will be one of the most popular online wellness programs in the next year. How can it not? It’s freakin’ beautiful, down-to-earth, realistic and completely judgement free. Just the way wellness should be. 


Check Nards here: nadiafelsch.com


Penny Locaso 

She probably wouldn’t consider herself a solopreneur, but Penny Locaso from BKindred is one lady to watch. After being made redundant in her old corporate job, Penny refound her passion for helping small businesses. BKindred, set to open it’s doors soon, is an online business education program that has a huge emphasis on collaboration, community and connection. Penny is THE master of creating incredible partnerships, with talks with some big names businesses already on the cards. What will truly set BKindred apart is it’s strong emphasis of bringing in experts in their respective fields to provide top-level content for BKindred members. Keep your eye open on this one guys. 


Check her out here: bkindred.com.au


Jess Ruhfus

I had the pleasure of meeting Jess Ruhfus earlier this year at a gig we were both speaking at. And once she explained to me the full scope of what Collabosaurus is really about, I started to fully comprehend the sheer awesomeness of her idea. Collabosaurus is all about enabling strategic partnerships and collaborations between brands. But this kicker? It takes out the whole ‘big vs small’ thing. It’s like a match making site for brands – you dream up a big idea, and Collabosaurus works for you to partner you with a brand that can help bring that dream alive. You don’t share the names of the brands before you partner so you could be teamed up with an epic brand that you never thought was possible. Seriously, this business is on a gold mine. I personally can’t wait to see what unfolds for Collabosaurus in 2016. I’m betting Jess won’t be considered a ‘solopreneur’ by the end of it that’s for sure!


Check her out here: collabosaurus.com

Who else should we be keeping an eye on in 2016? Feel free to leave their details in the comments below so we can stalk them online 😉