Earlier this year, I shared 20 bite-sized business lessons you need over at Blog Society. Today, I’m sharing 20 more business and life lessons that I’ve learned since then.

1. The dream lifestyle takes time to eventuate. Want to work from the beach all day, every day? Want to work 4 hours a week? It’ll happen, but don’t expect it to happen straight way. It takes time.


2. Hustle is your best friend. Yeah, there will come a day when you won’t have to hustle as hard (maybe), but when you’re in the early days of your business, you have to be prepared to work many, many hours. It will take some trial and error to find out the best ways to work smarter in your business.


3. Say no to freeloaders. Someone trying to get your work for free? Or a wants to collaborate but isn’t offering you a ‘win’? No, no, no, no see you later, bye.


4. Make your clients your number one priority. They may not always be right, but they are the most important people in your business. Make customer service a priority.


5. Avoid shiny object syndrome. It’s so easy to become reactive when scouring the internet or scrolling through social media. It’s great for inspiration, but be sure to check in with yourself and ask if it’s really what you want.


6. Learn to love money. Work through any sabotaging beliefs you have about money because they really do sabotage your success in business. I love money and I love what it enables me to do. And lets be real here, imagine if we – the big hearted, generous, loving, conscious women – had a lot of money. Just imagine how much this world would change for the better.


7.  Action speaks louder than words. Stop talking and start doing if you want different results. #toughlove


8. Focus on engagement more than numbers. The number of people on your list or the number of those following you means squat if you’re not actually engaging with them. Treat your audience like you would if you met them in person – be you, ask questions and take the time to respond.


9. Experiment. Even if it scares you to death. There’s only one way to find out if it’s going to work for you so may as well experiment now when you’re still small and finding your feet.


10. Own your uniqueness. It took me until this year to realise that it’s not so bad being an introvert. Instead of fighting it, I work with it now. That little dash of quirk you have? Amplify it. That’s what we love about you.


11. Applaud your strengths. I love Amy Schumer for one BIG reason: she unapologetically accepts all praise. Too often women shut down compliments or down play their successes. Hell no girlfriend, own that. You deserved it. Next time someone compliments you, simply say “Thank you, that’s kind of you to say”.


12. Simplify. Your life, your business, your thoughts, your wishes, your desires, everything. Less complicated, more simplified = a good life.


13. Upgrade regularly. Not just in your business and your services or products, but also your life. Upgrade your wardrobe, your office and your home as you go along. It will make you feel so great and it will create a ripple effect on the way you behave and run your business. Upgrade your mindset daily too.


14. Ask for what you want.


15. Expose yourself to new things regularly. Whether it’s a book that you normally wouldn’t read, a documentary on something you’ve never heard before, a place you’ve never been, new experiences are going to make you a great solopreneur. Why? Because it will spark your creativity, which in turn builds your problem-solving skills. All good things for a business owner.


16. Take advice from the right people. Like these.


17. Collaborate when you can. It’s such a buzz word but it’s a good one. Collaborating with others can really grow your business and it’s great for building confidence and skill in negotiating, networking, communication and team work. 


18. Have an opinion. But don’t go around pushing it down people’s throats. Simply stand up for yourself when you need to.


19. Look after yourself. Move your body every day, eat delicious healthy food, take time out when you need it. Then enjoy that donut, enjoy that glass of wine and enjoy that sleep in. Don’t feel like you need to be a complete wellness junkie who is 100% gluten/dairy/sugar/etc free. Find what works for you and focus on feeling good and energised. True story: I went to hot pilates this morning then had a donut when I got home. I feel freaking fabulous. 


20. Stay gritty. Keep your eyes on your goals, your head held high, your heart leading the way and don’t ever give up.