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Guest post by Elle Lynn, Juju Marketing


I can harp on a fair bit about the fact that branding is not just the visual elements. However, it is a fairly important part of your brand, as it’s probably one of the most distinguishable features that your business will be remembered for – particularly if it’s still in it’s early days. And let’s be honest, seeing your brand come to life at the hands of your designer (or your own skillset) can feel pretty magical!


So, if you’re ready to take the plunge in branding, or rebranding, your business, here’s a list of places to ensure your online business will be shown off in the best possible light. 


Your Website

Whether you’re a DIY-er or you’re getting a professional designer to do the work for you, your website is your number one priority in making sure that your business is well-branded in the online world. When going through the design process, ensure your new online-digs looks like you (well, not literally) by considering the following:

Your Website Header Image

Most site templates (regardless of the platform) will have a main header image. If you run a service based business, try and include some photos of you in your website header. If you’re business is product-based, ensure you’ve got high quality images showcasing your products – not just your logo!


Your Opt-In Form

If you want to really entice your audience to hand over their email deets, make sure your opt-in forms reflect both you, and the opt-in they’ll be receiving on signing up.


Your Fonts

Predominantly, most fonts will come with a web-version. When you’re designing your brand (or getting the designer to do it for you), ensure that there’s a web-version of all fonts. You may want to use your primary fonts for headings and secondary fonts for the text, so make sure that they’ll be easy to read on all platforms when you’re going the design process.


Your Buttons

Utilising your brand colours, or patterns, in your site will help tie it all together. Use graphics for buttons in your side bar and ensure that social buttons are matched with your colours.


Your Facebook Business Page

While your web-site is working it’s magic in selling your products and services, you also need other items such 


Your Facebook Cover Image

Utilise this space to showcase your latest opt-in offering, or your latest product/service. Again, high quality images, unique to your brand and style should be used. Make sure any text, or the main part of your image, is central and won’t be covered up by the buttons that are on the cover image or cut off when viewed on a mobile device.


Your Facebook Posts

Create a streamlined look throughout your facebook posts by utilising the same fonts and colours. You can even go one step further and integrate your brand colours into other aspects of your imagery (think like Denise Duffield-Thomas). Developing some post templates (also great for instagram) that will make it easy to put out great content quickly will be of great benefit in creating an overall brand for your business.


Your Facebook Profile Picture

I keep a general rule that if your face is in your cover photo, your logo or brand should be represented in your profile picture – and vice versa! Even if you’re a product-based business, showcase the team behind your business or the products being made in this space. Remember: people buy from people!


Your Facebook Apps

A great way to link your other social platforms, your website and newsletter is through the use of facebook apps. These appear in the sidebar and are super easy to customise using an online design tool such as Canva. Even just using your brand colours as the background, will make these apps POP!


Your Newsletter Opt-in

Your Sign Up Forms

I spoke about the sign up forms on your website, above. However, there is more to it than that. If you’re using a mailing list service-provider such as Mailchimp, you can easily customise almost every element of the sign up form. These forms usually display via a direct link to the sign up form itself or display if you’re using the newsletter app through your Facebook page.


Customise the fonts and colours to match in with your brand style. Insert some images that align with your brand as well, to entice any of those potential subscribers that aren’t quite sure!


Your Sign Up Confirmation Process

Too often, I see businesses create beautiful opt-ins, a great sign up form and then leave the rest of the process to dull-stock-standard-grey. Whilst I’m sure that this won’t adversely affect whether someone clicks the ‘confirm’ button in their email, it sure as hell won’t wow them and leave a mark in their memory that your emails are one-of-a-kind-special. 


So whatever platform you’re using – make sure that those buttons are coloured, the fonts match and your images are utilised wherever possible. 


Although it’s not technically ‘visual’, ensure that you also customise the text in the sign-up process. Because I for one would rather be handing over my email to someone that says ‘Welcome to my tribe’ as opposed to ‘Please confirm your subscription’.