I’m nervous every time I send an email to my tribe because I don’t want anyone to unsubscribe.


Ladies, put your hands up if this is you. 


Right. Now put your hand down. We need to have a chat. 


People unsubscribing from your database isn’t fun, I get that. But the vodka-soaked truth is that it really isn’t about you. Well, just a little bit


I asked my squad why they unsubscribed from emails and there were three that kept on popping up. 


1. Too many emails.

As in, every single day. Or twice a day. Way too many emails.

The very common knowledge is that we’re all time-poor and don’t simply have time to read lots of emails. 

2. Too salesy.

Like Sarah said in the discussion, we expect to be sold something in emails. But there’s a line. And this is the line as I see it:


If you ONLY contact your database when you’re launching/promoting, then it’s too salesy. 



3. Not relevant anymore.

This is one thing that unfortunately you just can’t do anything about. 


People grow. People move on. People change their minds. And that simple reason might just be enough for them to not need you anymore.

So what can you do about reducing your unsubscribes? Here are a few suggestions:

  • If sending out a newsletter, send maximum one a week.
  • If you blog daily, provide the option for readers to be informed daily or weekly. Let them decide. 
  • Don’t only contact your tribe to sell something. Be in regular contact – whether it’s a link to a blog post or even a mini article on something that can help them. Irregular newsletters that are only sent out when promoting something stinks.
  • Treat newsletters like a personal email. Invite conversations and keep it short and sweet. 


Finally, don’t take unsubscribes personally. They’re bound to happen.