Psst…heads up! I’m running a free preview call series on all things online and moolah (that’s Kate-speak for money).


And it’s live.


None of this pre-recorded nonsense. 


Side note: I have no beef against pre-recorded training. It’s cool, it has it’s purpose. But there’s something about doing the whole thing live. Like, instantaneous Q&A…like we do in the real world. Ya dig?


But I digress. I’m going off on an excited tangent!


Basically, I’m hosting 3 live online events sharing with you how to create a consistent income online. So if you are:

  • Struggling to convert your followers into customers / clients
  • Struggling to gets followers in the first place
  • Not making as much money as you’d like with your online playground
  • Have no idea what to do next…


Then come on in superfly!


All you need to do is pop your bootylicious name onto this list and you’re in. Too easy.


Join here