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When I did a google search on rebranding, every single article was all about rebranding companies.




What about the little microbusiness, one-woman shop, who’s been on the scene for awhile and needs a rebrand? What about them!? Why isn’t there any advice for them?


Yeah, you could probably read those articles and apply some of their suggestions to your little ol’ business.


But let’s backtrack a little.


The reasons why you need a rebrand is hugely different from a company. HUGELY. And we can do a rebrand at a fraction of a price that these companies spend on their rebrand.


In fact, you could completely do it yourself (which we will show you how in The Rebrand). But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here.


Why would a one-woman business rebrand? There’s numerous reasons why and here’s 5 of them:


1. Your brand no longer reflects your vision.

Vision is a wonderful thing. But not the easiest thing in the world to define.


As we are small businesses – and most likely just doing everything ourselves – our personal values are the driving forces behind our businesses.  Since there’s NOTHING like starting your own business to make leaps and bounds in your personal development, you may find that now you’re a little more in tune with what’s really important to you.


That could mean a change within your business is warranted. It could be an entirely new direction or a new business model. It could mean skimming off some services or products to make room for something better in the future.  Or maybe it means you want to give back to the community in some way through your business (such as charity donations, a one-for-one model or collaborating on community-lead initiatives).


2. You’ve changed direction.


Maybe you started out blogging. A simple hobby where you shared your experiences or love of food. Or crafts. Or whatever. Then overtime, you started to hone in and realise that you’re really, really good at one little thing that people are asking for your help with it. So you realise that ‘hey, I should start charging for this’. Then you do.


I was interviewing Jade McKenzie, from Event Head, for a special bonus as part of The Rebrand modules, and she originally rebranded for this very reason. Her business initially started as an event styling business. But being the smart, kind-hearted woman she is, she realised that the people who wanted to work with her didn’t want her styling their events – but actually helping them plan and prepare an event for their businesses. They were all women who wanted to run empowering events as part of their small businesses. Super niche, right? So Jade rebranded to cater to this.

3. You’ve outgrown your brand.

One of the most successful rebrands of a one-woman show would have to be Melissa Ambrosini. Her old site was EMBARRASSINGLY bad. 


It was ugly. Crowded. And served her when she was relatively unknown, but since she exploded onto the ‘webiverse’, it was dragging her down. Her rebrand was fresh, bold and encapsulated her entire growth. It was a remarkable success.


If you’ve been doing your thing for awhile now and you’ve grown so much – whether that’s personally, publicly, or simply your business is now raking in some good dollars – you want to make sure your brand is reflecting that growth.


4. You have website shame.


Hang your head in shame and don’t send anyone to your site because you’re embarrassed by it? That my dear, is serious website shame.


Yes, you don’t need a super flashy expensive site, but you do need to be proud of it. Because if you’re not encouraging people to go there then why have a business?


5. You’ve plateaued.

As in, you’re at that stage of your business where you’re just cruising. Not at the level you want and that’s what’s frustrating you. You’re getting by – just.


And you’re doing lots of things to get to that next level. A new marketing strategy. Working on getting new publicity. Maybe even pouring out the best content you’ve ever created. 


Yet, growth still remains slow.


A rebrand might just be the key to inject life – and growth – back into your business.


Sound like you might need to rebrand? Grab your Botox for your Rebrand freebie below by clicking the image: