People call me Kate.

Sometimes ‘Holks’. But never Katie.



I make plans for a living. I think strategy can be sexy and words can be lethal, and combining them makes you a force to be reckoned with.


I believe the quickest way forward is in the arms of a girl squad. I also believe that red wine looking like blood isn’t a coincidence.


  I love salt, but dislike olives. I love words, but dislike talking. I love uncomfortable truths, but dislike admitting my mistakes.


I don’t want to talk about your ideas. I want to help you do them.

I work with women like you to stand out online.


Featured in places like The Huffington Post, General Assembly, The Age and Lululemon, I’m known for my blunts truths and honest ramblings, and my ability to inspire women to stop talking and start doing.

I’ve written a book that went to number one on Amazon in the self-help section, I’m regularly invited to be a guest speaker or panellist to talk about online business, branding, collaboration and crafting a magnetic presence online. I’ve ran workshops around Australia, consulted for LJ Hooker and worked personally with over 100 women to craft their own shiny corner of the internet.

I dig collaboration so much that I teamed up with a photographer and designer to create a training program, The Rebrand. We have launched a digital media agency, House of Sage, to tie your innovative ideas into a digital masterpiece.

I collaborated with Penny Locaso and Sheree Rubenstein to bring to you the first Australian online TV show for female entrepreneurs, The FBOMB Show. We share the real grit and triumphs we face as female entrepreneurs, stripping back the curated bullshit we see online. It’s raw, it’s funny, it’s eye-opening. Watch it here.

Want to know more about my history? Read the 37 truths about success and weep. Or laugh. Whatever. If you like what you see, let me help you create unforgettable digital stories.

Why am I here?

Good question. Probably Facebook suggesting you need a little help finding an audience. Sneaky.

What will I find here?

Another good question. Various ramblings on online things, a reality check and a place for you and me to meet over wine.

Do you swear?

Fuck yes.

Do you offer mentoring?

Sorry, not anymore. House of Sage is only a toddler, but it’s a busy one.

Why do you like strategy so much?

Because it works. There’s this beautiful fine line between over doing and under doing it and it’s bloody beautiful. Also, because it works.

I want to start a blog/business/online store. Where do I start?

Firstly, congrats on having the lady parts to want it! Secondly, hone that vision of yours. And finally, ask yourself if you really want to RUN a business. Believe me, starting a business is vastly different than running a business.

Where can I stalk you?

Facebook seems to be the place for stalkers, so yep, Facebook.

Are you available for speaking?

Yes. Please send through the details of the event and what you’d like from me. Please note I don’t speak for free (no one should) so please do not reach out if you do not have the budget for speakers.



Let me write words for you and let my team create visual masterpieces for you. Swanky Insta feed anyone?