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Have ever looked at an ageing actress (or actor) and wonder how the hell they look 20 when they’re 50? I have. It’s always followed by the thought of ‘Damn, those plastic surgeons in Hollywood must make a mint’.


Botox isn’t for everyone. I personally wouldn’t dare go near it. But it seems like it’s for everyone in Hollywood. It’s the industry so it seems. And you’re most likely wondering,


“What the heck does this have to do with anything Kate?”


Excellent point.


It’s got a lot to do with rebranding. 


Rebranding, or branding in general, is all about perception. How you and your business want to be perceived. In Hollywood, everyone wants to be perceived as young, beautiful and glamorous. So falling short of actually taking a youth-inducing serum that actually works (if you’re working on it, please send samples our way), they use botox to inject life back into their face. They hire personal trainers and dietitians to get fit and healthy. They visit spas, manicurists, raw juice bars, high-end fashion labels all with the intention of creating the perception of beautiful and successful. They do all these things to inject life into their personal brand. You can almost call it a ‘personal rebrand’.


And that’s why brands and businesses rebrand: to inject life back into their business.


They want to be attractive again. They want to be seen as trendy, cool, the place to be. They want to wow their customers and attract a whole lot more.


Raise your hand if your brand feels bland? Holler if you censor yourself? Clap if you feel your invisibile?


There’s a lot of noise in the online world, and you just added to it.


But there’s a way to be seen and heard despite this noise. It’s all about the brand – and in your case, it’s going to be how you rebrand. I teamed up with Monika Berry, graphic designer and photographer extraordinaire, to create this pocket rocket guide is to show you which wrinkles need some botox-loving. Or in layman speak, what comprises a brand and what you should totally do about it. Especially if you’re serious about making it big in Hollywood business.


Go on. Grab your injection. The first one is on us. >>