I took my nose ring out recently.


In my second year of uni, I spontaneously got it pierced on a lunch break. I loved it. My parents hated it. They couldn’t quite believe that their innocent 18 year old daughter would have the audacity to put some metal through her nose. If only they knew what they had in store over the next four years…


Over a year ago, I replaced the stud with a ring. I had wanted to do it for quite a while but since it would become more noticeable, I put it off. I got a quite nervous about it actually. But I did it anyway, got a few comments and went on living my life unscathed.


It’s been almost a month since I took my ring out and left my nose au naturel. And not one single person has noticed.


Tim didn’t even notice for three whole days – and not until I told him. Boys *eye roll*.


Every time someone looked at me, they saw my nose. It was right there! You can’t miss it (this makes me sound like I have an epic-sized nozzle, I don’t. But c’mon guys, my nose!). Yet nobody has noticed – not until I pointed it out. 


We think we know everything, see everything, hear everything and have it all covered. 


We don’t. 


I’m not saying we’re arrogant, self-assured, know-it-alls. It’s just that in any one moment, we project our unique perception into that moment with all the information we have at hand and we fully believe it. Because brains.


But we can’t literally process everything. Our senses would lose their shit if they had to sense, process, integrate and then do something with every possible bit of information outside our bodies. I mean, can you just imagine? Ugh.
Then there’s what you do with the information you process, specifically life and the whole ‘set goals and achieve them’ thing. Goal setting is a fun thing, an easy thing. Anyone can shout out a goal and be like, #goals. But goals are things people talk about more than actually do because doing it is hard. 
For the legends that do turn their inspiration into action, they tend to go on the solo route. That is, “let’s not tell anyone what my goals are and let me do it all myself so when I fail, at least I won’t fail in front of everybody”. Or wait, is that just me?


So we set a goal and give a red hot go all on our own. That means we try to make that goal happen (i.e. find and create solutions) only from oneperception. Not a good thing my friend, not a good thing.
We think we have it sorted with our businesses. That we can see all the factors at play, we can see what’s working, what’s not working.


But, can we?


Hey emotions, I’m looking at you.


I gave this Behind The Screen series the tagline – your weekly reality check – for a reason. We aren’t facing the reality of our business. 


We aren’t.


We’re not seeing the whole picture – whether it’s intentional or not. Reality isn’t always a pretty picture and it’s easier to avoid than face it nose head on. It’s easy to avoid our profit-loss statements and trick ourselves into thinking we’re doing ok. It’s easy to put up another Facebook ad instead of reviewing the last campaign to see what worked and what didn’t. It’s easy to create a new ebook for an opt-in instead of coming up with something much more unique and different.  


“It’s only when you accept your reality — no matter how much you think you don’t like it — that you can change it.” – Matt Hearndon
It’s easy to set a goal and make a 90 day plan. And you’ll do that. You’ll hash it out, you’ll come up with solutions you think will help you achieve the goal then when it comes time to review how you went, #tears. I don’t even do my own planning alone. In fact, I’ve got a mastermind that gives me sixother unique perspectives on how I can make my goals come true. 


Whatever you’re looking for is right in front of you. What you need is right in front of you. You might just need someone to point it out for you. The next time you see me in person, take a look at my nose. You’ll notice something about it. Seriously.





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