You’re a dreamer.

A planner and schemer.

An avid to-do lister. 

You have big bold dreams waiting to be birthed. An aspiration for a successful career. Or your very own business – a bank account that thrives on your passion. To fall madly in love – have a family with the ‘One’. To feel connected with meaningful, fulfilling friendships that create the wildest, hilarious, uplifting memories.

But something’s holding you back. You’re not checking off those lists of yours. The thoughts running wild through your head are doing their best at keeping you firmly rooted on the spot. A whole lotta thinking but not much doing is happening. And the people around you aren’t helping you either.

Totally know where you are coming from, girl.

I’ve gone from wildly arrogant to a social-anxiety-riddled-mess to a confident and connected woman. I’ve been house-bound with my self-depreciating thoughts. I’ve regularly shut off my social media accounts because I couldn’t handle the comparisonitis. I’ve sat still and failed to grasp the opportunities that came knocking on my door.

But through my own journey and in helping many women navigate their own, I figured out how to bust through the fear and into assurance. From halting stuckness to fledgling inspired action. From a follower to a trailblazer.



A person who blazes a trail for others to follow through unsettled country or wilderness: a path finder. 



Self-love is all the rage right now. There are hundreds and thousands of industry experts, thought leaders, bloggers and everybody else with their own two-cents on how to get yourself to fall madly in love with you. Some of it is fantastic – a lot of it is, well, fluff.

Trailblazer dives deep into self-love – then deeper again. It teaches you how to realistically and genuinely create a loving relationship with yourself so that you have the belief in yourself to do the things you aspire to do. It has cut through the crap  and sets up positive, realistic expectations of how to become confident and successful on your own terms.

Let’s put it this way: Trailblazer’s soulful aim is to get you confident in your ability to blaze through everything life throws at you.


“Kate, thank you for I AM A TRAILBLAZER… It’s just the injection of motivation and honesty i needed! I found it so enjoyable to read, cover to back, and loved your personal stories, personable tone, actionable tips, real research and practical perspective. I appreciate your no fuss, no fluff, no whitewash approach to all that you deliver. Thank you!” – Gen Claringbold // Satellite Marketing

You deserve a champers – it’s a great book” – Lia

“I really recommend you download this book. Interesting that things appear just as we need them. This is really resonating with me.” – Libby

“#IAMATRAILBLAZER is just amazing! It is a powerful blend of heart-felt experience, practical how-tos and thought provoking tools. This book is your self-love bestie and a MUST read for every women who wants to blaze their own confident, beautiful path!”  – Kirstin // The Strategy Lab


Trailblazer Front Cover

I AM A TRAILBLAZER is your no-fluff, honest-to-heart 6 week guide to becoming your most confident and connected self. It will:

+ Unravel you. Ground you. Then propel you forward with love, passion and a blazing fire.

+ Gently, but potently, challenge you towards inspired action.

+ Be a guiding voice, a helping hand, as you grow in confidence.

+ Equip you with tools and knowledge to bust that fear-driven voice until it’s a whisper.

+ Connect you to a sense of purpose. And a means of finding your very own tribe to bring your purpose-driven gift to those who need it the most.

And the stories inside will show you that you are not alone.


This girl-boss bible packs a punch. A resource for those ready to face life head on – all it takes is the first step #IAMATRAILBLAZER” – Jess McGlinchey

KATE!! The ebook is abso-fricken-lutely divine. It’s AMAZING.” – Chloe Thornton // Halfway to Healthy

“#IAMATRAILBLAZER is both insightful and refreshing. Her practical suggestions and firm knowledge base are the key ingredients that give this ultra empowering publication its edge. Thanks for cutting through the fluff and getting down to the real sink-your-teeth-into stuff Kate!” – Harriet Birrell // Natural Harry


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Trailblazer-Book-Inside-MockUp+ A step-by-step guide to help you from zero-confidence to brimming with self-assurance and self-love.

+ Busting some popular self-love advice that really need a bit of myth-busting swagger.

+ Dealing with overwhelm – awesome tricks to add to your arsenal.

+ A guide to saying goodbye to your toxic friends.

+ My top strategies to manage negative thoughts and emotions.

+ Subtle, yet powerful, questions to guide you through the program.


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“My goodness girl! You have been hard at work and the material is super refreshing and just so workable. You are changing women’s lives! Self-Love just got totally pulled apart and revamped for us! We really love what you’ve created.” – The MBM Girls, My Best Me


My friend, you are a visionary pathfinder. Really, you are. It’s now time to make it a reality.

I wanted to help you create more ease and freedom in your life. To help you live your own definition of success. This book is my gift to you – all 44 pages of it are dedicated to you and your vision.

This ebook is yours to fuel your dreams into reality. You don’t have to do it in 6 weeks. Take 6 months if that sits well with you. We take this gently but we do one thing – we take action.



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For Premium Happiness Hub members, we’re going through the 6 week Trailblazer course with bonus videos, worksheets and audios! Plus weekly coaching calls to take the book to a whole other level.

You not only get a copy of  I am a Trailblazer, but you get access to a supportive, loving community + plus everything else housed in the Hub!

Join by October 20th to be a part of the new movement (and if you’re quick, there’s a limited number of gift bags (including a Love Ludie soy candle) that could be yours).


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