The beauty of having an online business is that it doesn’t cost us a fortune to set up.


We don’t have to worry about the overheads a brick and mortar store would involve. But whilst we think that’s great, we still need to invest a little moolah into our businesses before we start.


And we need to keep investing in our businesses.


Whether its a graphic designer to jazz up the aesthetics, a mentor to keep you on the right track, or an accountant to sort your numbers, you will need to invest in your business.


In this audio, I explain how you can afford to invest in your business in 5 simple steps.




Just to recap…

The 5 steps to invest in yourself:

  1. Know your numbers.
  2. Set your financial goals.
  3. Fix your money leaks.
  4. Identify what investments you will benefit.
  5. Create an ‘Invest in Me’ plan


And my take on the best things to invest in:

  • A photographer for headshots and at minimum, a small portfolio for your site. I list a few of my favourites in the Essentials Collection Resource Guide.
  • A business mentor to guide you on the right path, keep you accountable and make better decisions. My personal best investment ever. Explore how I can be yours here.
  • An accountant and/or book keeper. Worth it.


Your turn: What’s stopping you from making worthy investments and what do you plan on doing about it?


Share your thoughts and answers in the comments below: