The Internet: Here’s how you make $100000000 this month.
Me: Maybe. If you’ve already got the connections, the networks, the hoorah and willing to burn through 20 hour days. Then maybe.

I made a commitment that I wouldn’t advertise any of my services by saying ‘this is how you’ll make 6 figures’. If I break this promise, can you please send me an email titled ‘YOU LYING MOFO’ and I’ll go baptise myself in the ocean and rebirth myself as a born-again online marketer. Ok? Thanks.

I’m convinced that everyone has the ability to make 6 figures.

I’m also convinced that us B2B (that’s business-to-business FYI) gurus aren’t being very honest about what it really takes.

Yeah, a webinar can bring you in quite a lot of money (it does). Yeah, a million followers on Instagram could do that too. But wanna really focus and make your pockets a little heavy with coins?

Focus on connection.

With your tribe.
With influencers.
With the media.
With other girl bosses.
Connect to people goshdarnit.It’s not what you know, but who you know. It’s cliche for a reason.

Throw out the whole worry of how you ‘network’ with people. Take your mind out of the business gutter and reach out as a person – not a business. It’s a subtle mindset shift that will make the world of a difference.

Let’s focus on making friends hey?

Our hearts and pockets will both benefit. And the next time the internet tells us how to make 6 figures, we can call up our friends and laugh it off.


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Entrepreneurship is a fad.

A lifestyle business isn’t.

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