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I’m really excited to announce my latest event, Own Your Style!


I’m teaming up with fashion stylist extraordinaire Renee Enright to bring you an evening of style, fun and confidence.


I’ve always been curious about the intersection between what we wear and what we feel. Does our clothing choices reflect how we feel about ourselves? Do our clothes impact on our mood?


The more I research and the more I experiment myself, the more I’m convinced that yes it does. 


In this event, we’re going to be talking about this in more depth. Looking at how your fashion choices are impacting on you, your life and your business in more ways than you think. 


Renee is also going to be doing a style session, showing you how to style your wardrobe and identify the key pieces you need to make your wardrobe as functionally chic as possible. 


The minor details?

Glad you asked!

  • Tuesday 14th July
  • 7:30 – 10pm
  • Plan It Roxie HQ, Geelong
  • Champers, wine and food provided


Plus you’ll be going home with a bag filled to the brim with goodness from local businesses. Boom!


For more info + tickets, head here.


This will be an intimate event, hence only a small number of tickets are available.


And, heads up – Early bird tickets are available until Thursday 18th June and only a limited number are available. Grab yours here!