It may have been hampered by a cyclone, but that didn’t stop us from finding our spark!

We kicked off the Find Your Spark tour with a small, intimate workshop in the beautiful Paper Runway Studio in Byron Bay on Saturday.


I had arrived on Thursday to the most muggiest weather I’d ever been in. Seriously, I instantly dripped with sweat as soon as I got off from the plane.


Then good ol’ Cyclone Marcia made an appearance up north and sent us some (alot) of rain. It put a little dampener (pun totally, cheesily intended) on the sparkly parade. But it sure didn’t stop us from turning the first event into a total success.


KHolmes_KateToholka_13 KHolmes_KateToholka_27

We spent 3 hours (which flew by so quickly) absorbing ourselves into a current project. We had a graphic designer stuck on a logo design for one client, an aspiring foodie unsure of how to write her new ebook, a psychologist ready to launch a feng shui business but not quite sure how that is going to look and a lifestyle blogger thinking about running mini festivals if only she knew what they would be about…

Definitely a diverse bunch – but all experiencing the same thing: stuckness. An idea – a floating gem that looks so appealing – but with no idea to how to mould it to life.

And that’s what we did. We unravelled the stuckness, sharpened the gem, and invited crystal clear clarity on what to do next.


We invited our inner creative genius to come out – and paved the way for inspired action towards our businesses. 

KHolmes_KateToholka_17 KHolmes_KateToholka_19 KHolmes_KateToholka_23

I had to laugh when I got the photos back from the amazing Kate Holmes (who saved the day as my other photographer got caught up in the crazy cyclone!!). There were so many shots of me being super serious.


What can I say? I like to give you all my utterly devoted attention – and you can clearly see my brain ticking as I think through their problem and what questions I need to ask to guide them to the right creative answer..


KHolmes_KateToholka_4 KHolmes_KateToholka_21

“I wanted it to go all day! The tools suggested and the personal anecdotes were really valuable.. When’s the next one!!?” – Leone

KHolmes_KateToholka_36 KHolmes_KateToholka_51 KHolmes_KateToholka_52

“Thanks for helping me find my spark and reduce my self doubts. I have so much I can do to work towards actualising my ideas!” – Vanessa


How beautiful is the venue?!!


To say it’s beautiful is really an understatement. Nikki is the ABSOLUTE legend – warm, generous, kind, loving, caffeinated (hehe!) beauty behind the gorgeous Paper Runway studio. If you’re looking at running an event in Byron Bay, Nikki is your woman. Even Lisa Messenger thinks so 😉


KHolmes_KateToholka_2 KHolmes_KateToholka_15

We finished the workshop with some delightful food and iced coffee from 100 Mile Table. I was so absorbed in chatting with the group that I didn’t even see them bring the food in!


The brownies. Oh. My. Dog.


Get. Out. Of. Town. #drool

KHolmes_KateToholka_59 KHolmes_KateToholka_61 KHolmes_KateToholka_66 KHolmes_KateToholka_67


In all, I was really stoked with the event.

Of course my self-critical mind went into overdrive and I admit I’m already thinking of ways to take it to a whole new level (I can’t help it!)..

But it seems like I wasn’t the only one who was stoked with the event. The feedback has been humbling. Mind blowing. Touching. 

 “Was awesome! Thank you Kate – my spark is shining bright!” – Steph Carver


Can’t wait for the rest of the tour!

Join me in Melbourne this Thursday 26th Feb – grab your spot here.


Or in Sydney this Saturday 28th Feb – which is almost full so be sure to join in now.



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