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A couple of weeks ago, I purchased my first ever Frank Body product.

If you don’t know who Frank Body is, clearly you don’t use Instagram.




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  They’re a coffee-based skin care brand created by the genius Willow and Blake team. I have been stalking them for awhile and thought it was about time to try their products out. My skin has some serious pigmentation issues – particularly my back – and I’ve been told numerous times to try Frank out. So voila, I opened the wallet and took a plunge with their Top to Toe bundle. I received the package a few days later.


Before I go on, let me just say this: every single open of the package was fuckin’ euphoric. That needed the f-bomb because no joke, my respect for this brand just elevated beyond the atmosphere.


There’s no doubt about it: Frank body is killing it at business.


BUT…there was a drama. The original Frank Body Scrub had a hole in it. Eeeek.






I quickly contacted the team to find out if they had a replacement or return policy. Within 30 minutes, I had a reply saying they would send another pack for me.


I about lost my shit. I couldn’t believe it.


I didn’t have to send them evidence. I didn’t have to explain myself. I didn’t have to go through a tedious process to get a return. I just got an email that made me laugh and turn into a 14 year old idiot.


Seriously, I didn’t think it was possible but my respect for them just extend the universe.


And so, like any good mentor and business nerd, I took a step back and looked at what I loved about the whole experience.


What could I learn from Frank?

What could we all learn from Frank?


There’s 3 things that really stood out for me. Take note of these because it’s guys like Frank that can teach us a thing of three when it comes to creating a killer online business:


1.  Branding needs to be consistent.


Ok, Frank Body and the genius ladies behind them (can I please join the team? I’ll start your Torquay office. I’ll bring donuts – daily. Word jams – hourly. Snorts – frequently.) are now well known for being exceptionally rad on the branding front.


Their Instagram is a testament to this. But what delighted me the most was just how consistent they are with their branding. I mean, zero stone – no, coffee ground – is unturned. They’re attention to detail is beyond. There were two elements that really turned the corners of my mouth the right way:


Language: They responded to my email in the EXACT same voice as Frank.

Hey frankfurt,

This makes us sad. It sounds like frank has had a rough journey.

Sometimes those tough postmen don’t handle him with enough love.

We will send you out a fresh frank asap. In the meantime we recommend you discard the old packet.

Thanks for your patience.

The Frank Team


Packaging: The box was branded. The gift box within the packaging box was branded. The pamphlets were branded. The products were branded. Then when they sent me the new scrub, the soft packaging sleeve was branded. Branding everywhereeeee.


Lesson: Never budge from your brand. We’re mostly lucky as solopreneurs that our very own personality is our brand – but even if you shy away from your true personality, you can lose your voice. Be consistent in everything from your language, tone and visuals. Consider how you can apply it throughout the whole experience of working with or buying from you.


2. Customer service needs to be excellent.


See that email above? That is EXCELLENT.

You can see their love and respect for their customers on their Instagram too. Almost all of their photos are of snaps created by their customers. By regramming, it’s Franks way of saying ‘Thanks babe, I love you’. And who doesn’t feel good when their snap is shared to 663,000+ people?


Lesson: Go out of your way to treat your clients with the love they deserve. Go the extra mile – and do this creatively!


3. Go against the norm in your industry


Frank’s in the skin care industry. An industry normally associated with beauty and all of its synonyms.  Think soft, gentle words, claims that it’ll make you feel ageless and forever youthful, whimsical tunes and floating flowers…you get the drift. These guys decided they wanted to stand out and create a persona the complete opposite of what we normally expect from a skin care brand. They went for the sleazy, cheeky guy with a wicked sense of dry humour. And it worked.


They chose one particular area – the brand – and went completely against the norm in their industry. Another example is BKR, a designer water bottle. Instead of marketing themselves as just another water bottle oo by boasting of its design, or by marketing it as an environmental-friendly tool, they marketed themselves as a skin care product! Guys, lets take a moment here to applaud the absolute genius of this! Guys, it’s like exclamation-excessive worthy!!!! But in all seriousness, this was brilliant. They did exactly what Frank Body did – went completely against the norm in their industry in one particular element of their product.


Have you noticed I’ve made reference to just ‘one specific area’? I’ve done this for good reason. Too much against the norm could be disastrous. Ultimately, if your product or service is beyond excellent, then it’s going to sell. But be wary not to go against the norm in every possible way. Pick one area – brand, design, customer service, language, maybe even the industry like BKR did.


Lesson: Choose one way to stand out from the crowd. Just one.

Final lesson? Your product needs to be excellent to start with. There’s no doubt that the product is awesome – my skin has never felt so good and Tim keeps commenting on how nice I smell. I’m looking forward to seeing how Frank grows and expands in the next few years. I know I’ll be a repeat customer for sure. And I’ll definitely be inspired by their business savvy (seriously, I’m a die-hard Willow & Blake fan – jealous levels exceedingly unhealthy. Help.).