Testimonials are great elements of social proof that can really bolster your sales online. As I discussed in Online Simplified, a staggering 90% of people buy things that has been referred to them by someone. Social proof is DYNAMITE. We’re hardwired that way and we need to respect it. If you want to make a business that is profitable and serves the greater good, it needs to be so damn good that everyone wants to tell their friends about it.


Taking it all online though can be a little tricky. Social media is the bees knees for it – but what about your webisite? That’s why testimonials are so important. They are little nuggets of social proof for your website. So let’s discuss how to harness them as effectively as possibly.


Firstly, we need to approach our clients and customers for testimonials. 


I have a great relationship with my clients and that is 100% intentional. I want to feel like we’re great friends by the end of the time working together. So I find it quite easy to send them a message and ask if they’d be comfortable sending me some feedback and a testimonial. They always say yes.


But I can understand if you feel a little uncomfortable about it. There are some ways to reduce that discomfort, such as:

  • When you begin working with a client, explain that feedback is expected throughout the working relationship. So when it comes to crunch time, they will be used to giving you feedback and will almost expect it by the end.
  • Learn to sit with the discomfort – it’s business baby, it’s all about discomfort. Unfortunately.


But moving on – let’s talk about what questions to actually ask your clients and customers so you can get the most powerful testimonial as possible. Use these 6 questions and adapt accordingly to your product/service:


Question 1: What almost stopped you from working/buying with me? What were you originally hesitant about?


Question 2: What results have you seen since working with me/using this product?


Question 3: What specific feature did you like most about this product? Or what part of the program/service did you like the most?


Question 4: What would be three other benefits about working with me / using this product?


Question 5: Would you recommend this to anyone else? If so, why?


Question 6: Is there anything you’d like to add?


So, the next question is how to deliver these testimonials. There’s two options:


1. Text with a photo:


ALL IN. (1)


2. A video:


Nadia’s Kind Words for Kate from Kate Toholka on Vimeo.


Both are just as effective as the other but a video will elicit more trust. Anybody could make up a written testimonial and say it was from someone – but the video can’t be faked. Aim for a mix of the two and be sure to place them everywhere!


Over to you: Have you been tapping into the power of testimonials?