Getting excited yet?


Let me tell you a little story about a little girl who decided that she need to dream a little bigger.



I’ll wait here while you get your coffee…




Little girl had big dreams.

But little girl didn’t think they were possible.

Until little girl thought: “Well, why don’t I just start anyway?!”

And little girl started to hatch out a plan.

Little girl started to implement her plan.

And before you know it, little girl with the big dream was now epic girl with the big green!!!



*I won’t lie: that last line made me laugh. With embarrassment.


In all seriousness, planning is one important step to making big shit happen. It’s that simple. I know there’s a big hoorah over living in the moment (and believe me, I’m a fan of that) but when it comes to business, a little bit of planning goes a long way (to the bankkkk….).


I don’t do the 5 year business plan thing, but I do the 12 month road map which gets broken down into 90 day plans. And we have arrived at our destination! I know, thanks for bearing with me so far. 


90 day plans are exactly what it sounds like: a plan for the next 90 days. And I’m talking plans that will uplevel your business to where you want it to be. You know, that level you keep talking about? 


Here’s how we’re going to get there:


1. Identify 3 clear business goals


What do you actually want to achieve? More moolah? More clients? More subscribers? A book proposal? A sold out event? Damn girl, just say it!


2. Break these goals down into actionable steps.


Like, what you need to do to actually make it happen. Simple.


3. Timetable them in.


Then get yo’ diary out and make it happen!


Anything that doesn’t actively contribute to these goals gets SHAFTED. Hear that? SHAFTED. Binned. Dumped. Ka-powed. I-won’t-see-ya-later. 


Got it? Good.


This template was first shared with me by Penny Locaso of BKindred at our recent mastermind planning day. I liked it a lot better than the one I was using – mostly because it made a lot more sense. She’s good like that. I’ve adapted it slightly and now use this as my high-level planning tool for the next 90 days. I then break it down into further actionable steps every week via A3 printed monthly calendars (which you can find easily on that site I think is called Google? Heard of it?).


Use this template to record your 90 Day plan but here’s a tough love nugget for you: you can fill this out, you can put it on your wall, but unless you actually DO what you say you’re going to do, nothing’s going to change.


Got it? Good.