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Welcome to The Internet Said So, the best thing since fairy bread for small business owners to actually read advice worth reading.


// I like the word embedding. It’s like computers version of sexting. And I like how this article explains how using embeddable content in your blog posts can take you to the next level. The article has a lot less sexual innuendo than these three sentences.


// Absolutely nothing to do with business. Just a letter that every woman needs to read. Especially if you have daughters.


// Starting your own business is a big deal. A brave one. And you’ll find hundreds of posts out there about how great it has been. So here’s one that’s all about how shit it has been. Refreshing.


// I was hunting for a new parallax theme for the new project, when I came across this resource. Sah helpful. Well, if you’re looking for a fresh new website with a parallax theme that is.


// Project management tools. There’s a shit load of them. Trello is rather cool and this post gives you some slick tips on how to use it. Handy as f.


// Customer service is a big freakin’ deal. In the last week alone, I have two people share their shitty experiences of working with a solopreneur who over-promised and under-delivered. I loved this story of employees going the extra mile. It’s not just about delivering your service, but adding a dash lot of kindness to the experience.


// This article says ‘revenues’ a lot but it’s a list and a good one at that. He even says a few funnies. Ha. But this 100 things you need to know to start a business is gold mine. Some points will be totally irrelevant to you but you can totally grasp his attitude and point. Which basically is, try everything, tweak, adapt and FOCUS.


// Ok ok ok, it’s my own article but it’s been getting some serious attention lately. Must be something in the air? Either way, my take on why you shouldn’t break the rules may just be the thing you need to read today. Especially if you’ve been doing stacks of research on all things business yet still aren’t implementing anything.


// “To be successful in business does not mean changing the world. It means meeting a need (regardless of size) well and dependably over time.” Can we all take a moment to give this article a HIGH FIVE? This guy. My new hero.


// Hands up if you’re in list building mode? Oh, now the party has started. Amy Lynn has written this sweet post on how to start building an email list. It’s a valuable read if you’re a newbie or looking at changing the way you currently communicate with your list. And for those who already have a list and looking to go another level, grab yourself an espresso martini and read this epic post.


// This post literally had my full attention. I can’t even explain it. It’s incredibly fascinating to hear how big social media stars started out – and it’s usually one piece of amazing content. This is Casey Neistat’s story and how he built himself up as a filmmaker. His first video was massive – and get this? It was all before YouTube was even on the scene. The key take away I get from this story? Simplicity is gold mine. The everyday mundane things that really get on our nerves or impact society and our lives, being told in such a way that it rivets us, is the kind of content we need to create. 


// Need some copywriting inspo? Check out the way this site explains its products. Genius.