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I recently made the switch from MailChimp to Active Campaign and I’ve been asked numerous times why. Today I wanted to write quick blog post that highlights the pros and cons of both Mail Chimp and Active Campaign as an email marketing service for online businesses. This is by no means a full extensive list, but the pros and cons I noticed when using both in my business.




  • Free to use if you have less than 2000 subscribers and don’t want to use automations, so absolutely great for newbies who are on a tight budget
  • Easy to create emails with it’s drag and drop function.
  • Easy create lists
  • Integrates well with quite a few apps, such as WordPress and Twitter.



  • Segmenting lists is a nightmare. I could not figure it out, even when I contacted their support team. This component is not easy to use at all.
  • You have to pay for automations – and since I recommend everyone has automations, it’s not really free. 
  • It’s hard to offer multiple opt-in forms for single lists. For example, if you offer 2 different opt-in (e.g. a free book and a free audio) and you wanted to test which was working better, but also wanted everyone to go on the same list. Again, I could not figure it out even with the help of their support team. I’m not hopeless when it comes to tech but this turned me off MailChimp very quickly.





  • It’s a CRM and email marketing all tied together neatly in one program.
  • Easy to create emails with the drag-and-drop function.
  • Great for automations – you can actually segment your lists based on your subscribers behaviour, demographics and even their behaviour on your website.
  • Integrates well with a huge amount of apps, such as Go To Webinar, PayPal etc.
  • Can add people to various lists via automations.
  • You can see a detailed history of each client’s behaviour. 



  • Not free.
  • A little hard to get used to at the beginning (like all programs I guess!)
  • Can be a little ‘buggy’ – there has been times subscribers all of a sudden stopped receiving emails and times when integrations stopped working. 


So both have great things going for them. Choosing one will depend on where you are at in your business (and where you want to go!) so let me help you out a bit here:


Mail Chimp will be better for you if:

  • You’re just starting out.
  • Don’t want to set up automations and simply want to send a regular email to your list.
  • You sell less than a couple virtual products

Active Campaign will be a better option if you:

  • Have a predominantly online business and almost all your transactions are done online.
  • Want to streamline your email marketing as effectively as possible (i.e. creating automations and email marketing sequences)


Ultimately, I’m stoked with the switch. I’ve seen such a rapid increase in my subscriber numbers, my conversions and even my consistency with emailing since I started using Active Campaign.  It’s important for me to have my business running even when I’m out and about so it has been a no-brainer. I admit I originally was considering InfusionSoft but Active Campaign is just as effective at a fraction of the price!

Over to you – what’s your experiences with Mail Chimp or Active Campaign?