This is a guest post from Sinem Ibrahim, Hustle & Heart Online



So you’ve poured your heart and soul into your business idea.


The original concept,  all that hard work and money spent is now a website. A website that is live!


You have a beautiful looking site that reflects you and your brand. It’s finally come to fruition.


You’re finally ready for business.  It’s so exciting.. You’re:


blogging, joining Facebook groups, setting up your own Facebook group and getting new members, running free webinars and more and more and more!


It’s hard work! And it’s paying off, but not quite as you thought.  And here’s a common problem – you have followers & fans in great numbers but no paying customers!!


It’s tempting (and a little too easy) to start second guessing yourself and your abilities. It really frustrating, and can be a motivation buzz kill.


Don’t second guess yourself!  There’s a lot you can do!


So what can you do about it? A lot actually.


First – be aware that you are doing all the hard work.  All the social media interactions and conversations with people one on one (that they start). If you had a physical store, it would be like you yourself (the business owner) going out on the street with flyers and brochures!


There’s a better way to do this.  And that’s by enticing people (your fans) to come back to your store, “your website”.


And once they arrive at your store you can place a tag on them via some surprisingly simple-to-install code.  That tag lets you “follow” them around the internet (or Facebook) after they leave your store, it essentially lets you go and remind them that they were considering your business.


So make sure you get your large following to your site simply by:

  1. Blogging on your site with the great content you’ve been making
  2. Reaching out to your followers through, email, facebook, instagram etc and giving them a link to your post that’s on your website.


Why do it like this?


Well if you were single would you accept any date from someone on the street? Probably not, It’s a bit creepy right!?!


But if you had seen the person around a few times, may had a short chat or even a conversation over time – then that’s less creepy.  You’d be much more likely to accept an invitation for a coffee or something similar after these initial interactions.


This is where digital marketing is a little like old fashioned dating. It follows the same principles as normal relationships, most people need to have some sort of interaction at least 7 times before they are willing to commit.


So if you can tag your followers and gently remind them of how amazing you and your product is via different mediums like facebook advertising, remarketing and email campaigns. You are much more likely to get your follower into paying customers.


The great part is that it is so much less work to reach out to potential customers who are already familiar with your brand and your site.  Even better – it is far less expensive to reach those who’ve had an interaction with you than those who don’t know you.


So how do you do this?

  1. Add Google analytics code to your site
  2. If you’ve not got a Facebook Business Manager account, get that sorted. Add in your audience and get the pixels added to your site.
  3. Get an Email marketing software that integrates with your site.


Once you’ve got this in place, and the mindset that you’ve got to take a few interactions before you get the date sale, you’re going to start seeing your hard work pay off.

Sinem Ibrahim

Before starting Hustle & Heart Online, I worked for WebSavvy – a digital marketing agency catering to medium and large businesses. This is where I was introduced to all things digital! I learned how to build websites, install analytics code, and create revenue generators.  My real passion is Psychology and love to incorporate my knowledge of human behaviour, which, after all, drives online marketing. I’m super excited to help you turn your followers and fans in to hard cashola and get your business rockin..