Michael Hyatt says don’t swear.


My dad says don’t swear.


And I say fuck ’em.


Swearing publicly or in any of your business marketing is entirely up to you. There really hasn’t been any studies done on this subject specifically in relation to how swearing impacts your business.


I do believe that it will definitely limit your audience to some degree – but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. See it as a really clever branding exercise.



Gary Vaynerchuck encapsulates my exact thoughts on this issue. Forward to the 2:15 minute mark to hear his take on swearing.



Do you agree with Gary? His point about using it to cull the people who can’t see past a swear word is 100% my intention with my own swearing.


I swear on my blog because I get jazzed up on some topics here. I swear when I’m emotional. I don’t drop unnecessary fuck bombs – each one is laden with emotion behind it. And if you can’t see the passion and the point behind it, you’re not someone who’s going to do whatever it takes to make shit happen. #sorrynotsorry.

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