Oh Sydney, you know how to make me one happy lady!


The final leg of the Find Your Spark tour saw me enjoying the sunshine on beautiful Manly beach. I have never been to Manly beach before but I have to say… I’m in LOVE.


I LOVE Sydney.


I’m a self-confessed country/coastal girl who really couldn’t live in a city but Sydney may just be the only city that could break that for me. It’s so scenic – so pristine and beautiful that every time I’m there, my heart is just going a little crazy.


Then I run a workshop there and meet 10 more amazing women and boom, Sydney, we ARE best friends.
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The Sydney event was held in a cute, old school scout hall RIGHT on the water in Mosman Bay. My first thought when I arrived was, “I wonder who will win the battle of attention today, me or that view?”


I think it was pretty much a draw 😉


We did have a blast though. The diversity within the group was greater than the other 2 events I noticed. I loved it – seeing how different ideas come to life and can transform not just one life, but lives around the globe is truly mesmerising. This time round we had a graphic designer grappling with her fear of success (much more common than you think!), an inspiring lady who sells fair trade baskets and is wanting to get the story out there (plus a little guidance on my behalf on helping her transition from hobby business to full time trailblazer), a few bloggers who walked away with a clear understanding of their niche and so much more.

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Nestled among the big dreamers, we also were treated to delightful food from Nadia Felsch. Her husband, Tippy Dray, was also the man behind the camera – he’s pretty good isn’t he?! You can see how great a team they make when you pop over to Nadia’s amazing website – her food will make you drool!


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And that wraps it all up!


I’ve been asked SO MANY TIMES (I love you guys) since, “When’s the next tour?”


I will definitely be doing a few more tours this year. As for another ‘Find Your Spark’ tour, you will have to stay tuned. I am currently evaluating the event and I have big plans on how it will be bigger and improved next time round!


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