It’s no secret that you need to understand your target market more than they understand themselves.


One quick google search and every article says you need to know the demographics. Where they live, gender, how old they are, how much they earn etc etc. Yeah, that can be somewhat helpful but it’s not the gold nugget information you really need.


What we really need to know about our target market is their pain points and what they want. I’m sharing 10 questions below for you to tweak for your audience, so you can get the gold nugget information you really need. I also explain what each question is really providing for you.

In regards to [insert your topic], what do you want?

This question helps to paint a picture of what they think when they consider your topic. This is normally first impressions, which makes for valuable information for your marketing efforts.

What are you afraid of?

Fears are powerful and if you can solve them, you’re going to have a successful business.

What frustrates you?

What’s playing on their mind right now? This questions helps to identify their current issue. 

How are you currently managing your frustrations?

Most people have a way of managing their frustrations, whether they are productive or not. For example, you might get a few responses that show they are simply ignoring it until it becomes unbearable. 

How could I help you solve this problem?

This shows how they expect a problem to be solved. Expectations can be tricky to manage so if you have a good idea of what they expect first, you’ll be able to limit any potential disappointments in the future.

What do you lose sleep over?

This will help paint of picture of what they currently obsess over.

What is your biggest objection to working with / purchasing from me?

By knowing this, you’ll be able to manage their objections before they arise. This is vital information for your sales process.

If you had a magic wand, what would you ask for?

This questions helps to identify what their big, bold dreams are. 

What do you love to do, more than anything?

This helps paint a picture of their desired lifestyle. 

Where do you currently get your information from? E.g. social media, blogs, videos etc. Please be specific.

This helps to identify where they are currently sourcing their information and how they prefer to absorb information. This is great information in terms of delivering your content and products.


Pin the image below to your Pinterest so you can always refer back to it. Because let it be said: this is not a once-off thing. It’s a continuous process that you will need to do over and over. It’s so important to always stay on top of what your target market is wanting and as your list grows, you’ll be generating a larger response.


So, over to you: what questions have you been asking your target market? What invaluable gems have you uncovered by doing so? Share in the comments below!