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I have no clients. And no fucking clue what I’m doing – she said.


Alright, talk me through it. What happened? – I said.


I released this program and did everything right. I thought I was doing it right. I wanted 15 people to join and I only go 2. What the fuck. – she said.


Ok, tell me about your program. How did it come about? – I said.


Well, not really sure. A few ways. I wanted to put together everything I do in one package so that’s basically what I did. Then gave it a good, catchy name and did what I could to tell people about it. – she said.


We’ll focus on the marketing stuff later but tell me more about the actual program. When you were creating it, did you put ideas out to the public to get some feedback? – I said.


Not really. I just told them this was coming soon. – she said.


The online marketplace is like Revolver night club on a Saturday night. Crowded with pushy, drunk revellers who have no clue what they’re doing.


That’s why it’s so crowded: because too many people are creating businesses that are solely based on their passions. Solely being the key word here.


Conscious businesses that work are the ones the make the connection between passion and what people actually want.


But here’s the thing: people do want your services. They do. But you’re just not delivering it in a way that meets their need. Because you haven’t understood what they want. What they need. You just think you have.


Creating a package with a fancy name won’t do.


And it’s why you’re collecting virtual dust and not paypal notifications.


Creating a package that has come from doing the hard yards of actually asking your audience what they want (active listening: the most important skill of any human. Ever.) will do.

Alright, here’s what we need to do. We need to ask your tribe what they want. – I said.


But my tribe is so small! – she said.


That’s ok. We still need their opinion. – I said.


Hmmmm… so how do I do this? – she said.


Easy. Send them an email. Create a survey online. Ask on social media. Call them if you can. Go to them and ask them what they want and how could you help them – I said.


That easy? – she said.


That easy. Be curious and just listen to what they say. – I said.

Ask and you shall receive.


You can try all the marketing techniques in the world, build a list of thousands but if you’re not creating a product that people really want, you’re going to be broke.