A worrying trend I see online and in support groups is asking our colleagues for business advice. More often than not, the person giving the advice hasn’t even worked it out for themselves. In my Facebook group, a lovely lady shared this comment:


“I’m so proud to release my new e-book! It’s going to be my new opt-in and I’m proud to say I haven’t invested in any paid help – just lots of advice and support from my amazing life coach buddies!”


I was curious so I stalked her site to see what her book was about. It was a classic life coaching site that ticked all the wrong boxes I discussed in Online.Simplified. The title of her book was extremely vague, it wasn’t professionally designed so it looked tacky, it wasn’t an attractive opt-in offer but most importantly, it was evident that she hadn’t done any of the right work behind the scenes.


There was no niche. No specialty. No understanding of who she was targeting and what problem she was solving. It broke my heart.


She was so happy and excited about her new e-book and I could tell it wasn’t going to generate the results she wants from it. Her life coaching buddies meant well – but they aren’t the right people to give her advice on her book.


So who should she have asked?


Two people.


Firstly, she should be working with a business coach to develop a business structure that will support her business to thrive online. The bones of her business weren’t there – there were no foundations. She had the passion but not the business know-how to make it happen.


Secondly, she should be asking her target audience. They are the ones that are buying from her – not her life coaching buddies. If she had worked with a business coach, she would know exactly who her target market was. Then she could go straight to the source and find out what they wanted.


This incident really highlighted to me how important it is to ask the right question to the right people.


Our buddies mean well. They are there to cheer us on and support our wild ride into the business world. But that is their only role. Take a moment to ask yourself what you need help with.


If you need help with what do next in your business and developing consistent income streams, then hire a business or success coach like myself.


If you need help with your website statistics and data analysis, then hire an online marketing strategist.

If you need help with establishing a strong brand, hire a branding and marketing expert.

If you need help with your social media, hire a social media coach.

If you need photos, book a professional photoshoot.

If you need help with the design of your new products or website, hire a graphic designer.

If you need help with your mindset, stress or sabotaging behaviours, hire a life coach.

If you need help with your blog, hire a blog coach.

If you need a little pick me up on a bad day, round up your buddies, pop the wine, let it all out, and lift each other up.


Invest in you. Invest in your business. Just be clear that you’re investing in the right people for the right things.


Ignoring the groundwork in your business is going to cost you lots of time, money and energy. It’s scary – I know, I’ve been there too – but once you’ve built a solid foundation and established a plan moving forward, you’ll be so surprised at all the opportunities that start to show. Nobody ever does well in business by doing it all alone. The most consistent factor among all the most successful business owners is that they have mentors. Do you have one? No? We need to have a little chat >>