By Karlie Plowman – Techno Bird


You’ve just created a cool looking website for your new business and you’re about to hit the ‘publish’ button – STOP! I know it’s exciting to build a website or have someone create one for you (or even just getting the thing finished!) so I understand that you just want to hit that magic button and show it off to the world, but trust me, even though it might look like it’s perfect and ready to go, there are a number of things you need to make sure are complete before launching, especially if you want your website to perform well.


I created this checklist for myself as a reminder of what I need to review/edit/include/exclude before I publish a clients website and thought I’d share with you for your own use.  



Download the PDF, print it or file it in a folder you regularly use so you’re constantly reminded to use it for your websites SEO needs.






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